Christopher Kruger is an anti-war, civil rights and labor activist.  He has lived in and near the Seventeenth District his entire life. Chris has been fighting for the ordinary citizens: homeowners, employees, students, and consumers against unfair and unjust practices for 16 years as an attorney; prior to becoming an attorney at the age of 50, he spent 20 years in manufacturing as a factory worker and union representative. Christopher and his wife Stephanie have 5 children in a “blended” family. His eldest son is a sergeant for the Chicago Police Department, his son Brano is a restaurateur in Madison, Wisconsin, and his youngest son is an attorney.  Chris and Steph’s daughter Helena is an educator at Oregon State University, and their younger daughter Beatrice is pursuing a career in the health sciences. In a District that is increasingly divided and neglected by its elected officials, Christopher will act as an “unbossed and unbought” voice for the people to transform the 17th district from donor-dominated party politics to people politics.

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